Earth Day Activities

Event Date: 
Sun, 04/21/2013 - 8:00am - 2:00pm

Community Hall, Chinmaya Mission

Additional Details: 

Earth Day Activities - Act Now!
to put a smile on our Mother Earth’s face

Stationery Items Drive: Donate  your extra stationery items like pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, binders, gift wrap, gift bags…Collected items will be donated to the charity organization ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters’.
Any q’s, contact Kumar Subramaniam (, 978.604.8507)

Soles4Souls: Donate yournew or gently-wornclean footwear (no winter boots please) with a $2/pair donation to cover shipping cost.
Any q’s, contact Shankar Reddy (, 603.890.5419)

Cell-Phones Recycling: Donate your old cell phones with battery.
Accessories like chargers, headsets, etc. are welcome.
If possible, erase the data, remove ‘SIM’ card, & tie all accessories together.
Here is the link providing information to erase data from the cell phones.
Any q’s, contact Sangeeta (, 508.733.3396)

Eye-Glasses Recycling: Donate your old eye-glasses with or without carrying case to people in need.

Exchange of Children’s Books: Bring books which you have read & in return take books which you would like to read.

Cloth Bags Distribution: Goal is to eliminate using plastic or paper bags for All shopping. It is doable more easily than you think! Those of you who are not yet using cloth bags to groceries, take one bag/family & start NOW. If you have extra bags, please donate.

Pennies for Planet: Look for all the coins (pennies….quarters, quarters are better!) you have at home & donate (let your children do this). Money raised will go towards Earth Day and other Seva activities expenses.

Simple but High-Impact Goals for CMB Families:
-Say ‘No’ to styrofoam products. They are non-degradable!
-Use cloth bags for groceries. Eliminate using plastic or paper bags.
-Reuse produce bags (thin plastic liner bags in grocery stores).
-For non-grocery shopping, avoid taking additional bag(s) - items are pre-packaged.
-Avoid gift-wrapping. Instead use gift bags and reuse them.
PS: Each Chinmaya family can save at least 10 bags/week. We are over 500 families at CMB. Together we can save 5000 bags/week & 260,000/year.

Conservation is ultimately a moral obligation of each one of us and
simply it is the right thing to do