Earth Day Success

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Wed, 05/04/2011 - 8:30am - Sun, 05/08/2011 - 2:00pm

Chinmaya Mission Boston
1 Union Street, Andover
Held in the Community Hall         

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Rathna & Shankar Reddy ( Ph: 603-890-5419
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Update on Earth Day Activities - Act Now & Act Always
                     Remember Everyday is Earth Day
We all celebrated Earth Day at CMB, Andover on Sun, 24 Apr 2011. Many of you, especially Balvihar kids & youth group enthusiastically participated in all the activities. Here is a quick summary:
Cell Phones Recycling: You donated a big box of cell phones and accessories. They will be distributed to veterans of America.Thanks to Sangeetha Mahajan for leading this activity.
Eye Glasses Recycling: You donated a big box of used eye glasses. They will be donated to the people in need via Lions Club. Thanks Gautham Krishnamurthy for your efforts.
Books Exchange: Participation by kids was excellent. Extra books will be donated to ‘Got Books’ organizatiion. Thanks to Ajitha Bhat for organizing this activity.
Grocery Bags Distribution: Distributed 15 bags to encourage using cloth bags for shopping.
Pennies for Planet: Collected $68.60. Earth Day expenditure for buying grocery bags, & hosting the event was $47.23. Remaining $21.37 will be used towards future energy conservation activities at CMB.
Special thanks to all Bal Vihar teachers who motivated kids to participate in Earth Day activities. Also, thanks to youth volunteers who helped us enthusiastically.
3 Simple Energy Saving Tips for 2011

  • Let us reduce using Styrofoam products (perm trash). By next Earth Day, let us eliminate using styrofoam plates & cups at CMB & at your homes.
  • Use only 1 paper towel in public restrooms
  • Turn Off water faucets between uses
  • If you see anybody using more than 1 paper towel or not turning off faucets between uses at CMB, PLEASE REMIND THEM.


Easily Doable Energy Conservation Tips
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Yes, We Can!!!
  • Use Cloth Bags for groceries & ALL shopping
  • Reuse Produce Bags-Use lunch box, NOT brown bags
  • Use paper products minimally (get creative)
  • Consolidate shopping trips to save gas & time
  • Carpool, vanpool, bike or walk to work or to do errands
  • Use Energy-efficient lighting & appliances
  • Turn-off lights when leaving room
  • Unplug gadgets or turn-off powerstrip when not in use
  • Turn-off water faucets between uses
  • Repair leaky faucets right-away
  • Take showers in less than 5 minutes
  • Use a clothesline for drying clothes
  • Think of using cloth diapers!
  • Limit to 1 paper towel to wipe hands in rest rooms
  • Close air vents in rooms not used
  • Replace filters regularly in air conditioners & furnaces
  • In Winter, set thermostat to 65 - 68o F when at home
  • Reduce to 60o F at night & when away.
  • Identify & seal air leaks from roof to basement
  • Set water heater to 120oF or “normal” setting
  • Wash only full loads of dishes & use airdry option
  • Set fridge temp between 36& 40o F
  • Set freezer setting between 0 & 5o F
  • Plan ahead & defrost frozen items in your fridge
  • Once a year, unplug the fridge & clean condenser coils
  • Buy locally grown produce (saves fuel & storage cost)
  • Use water melon rind (scrape the green skin) in sambar
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Conservation is ultimately a moral obligation of each one of us and simply it is the right thing to do

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