Swami Chinmayananda

The Supreme State experienced by the mystics, pointed out in all the great scriptures of the world, is the state that has been indicated by a most popular term in Hinduism, 'Shivaratri'.
Shiva means auspiciousness, that state of supreme auspiciousness, the state of perfection and beautitude, is a state an individual experiences when all other usual fields of perception are transcended.

Just as in the night, when the darkness closes, every object becomes imperceptible to the human eye, a time when the usual world of plurality is blanketed away from our awareness, such moments of pure infinite subjective experience are that which is indicated as Shivaratri.

In order that it may come to the masses and the average man may spend time in lifting his mind, turning his mind's attention to the Lord, it has been brought into a very significant ritual, dedicating this day to Lord Shiva. On this auspicious day, seekers rededicate themselves to the subjective science and the pursuit of excellence in their daily lives."