Chinmaya Mission Boston has been published in many local and national newspapers for the enduring impact that the Mission has on the local community and its members.

Article published in LokVani February 16, 2012

First Annual Thyagaraja Aradhana held at Chinmaya Mission...Read more..

Article published in LokVani November 9, 2011

The annual Chinmaya fundraising banquet held to cover the gap between the annual expenses and revenues for Chinmaya Maruti was a smashing success with over @250 K raised within 30 min of the pledge drive.  Read more..

Article published in on November 6, 2007

Dozens of children, some in traditional tunics and others in jeans and T-shirts, sit in neat rows on Indian rugs in the multipurpose room of the Chinmaya Maruti Hindu center. Adults, most of the women wearing saris, sit in chairs behind them. Facing a shrine to Hanuman, the monkey deity, they chant hymns of praise in Sanskrit and Hindi.

Thus starts another Sunday of study for the Indian-American families who come from as far away as Rhode Island to this copper-roofed, white-columned, light-filled building that opened in 2003. What started in 1989 in the basement of principal Shashikala Dwarakanath's nearby home has become the area's largest religious education program for Hindu children. Read more ...

Article published in Andover Townsman on March 12, 2009

Visitors to the Chinmaya Maruti center on Route 28 will soon be able to climb more than spiritual heights.

The Hindu worship and education center, the only Chinmaya Mission in New England, is in the middle of a $3.5 million construction project that will add two floors. It will also more than double the center's size, adding 13 classrooms, a 275-capacity auditorium, apartments for religious leaders and a copper-plated dome and steeple. Read more ...