Message to the Mission Members (1964)

Swami Chinmayananda

From the stage of disorganised, sporadic activities during 1964, we have decided to enter into the field of organised, wilfull, planned service of the society and the Lord. This is a great step that the Mission has taken and the report reads as a great promise to the community.

This is an age of organization and without it Hinduism has suffered sufficiently long all these recent centuries. All workers in the Mission will tighten up the discipline, and let the Mission Members become conscious of their responsibilities and duties. Let us relentlessly insist upon discipline from each, and spontaneous co - operation with all.

As a community in 1965, we must come out of this self - made tragedy of wasteful disintegration and avoidable wretchedness. Consciously let us live in a spirit of unity and mutual understanding, of respect for one another, and of love to all. The programmes conceived and the work - schedule planned out can all become a spiritual Sadhana if we insist upon the physical discipline of life and the mental spirit of understanding among the Mission Members.

The office - bearers of the Mission will have to bear the greater burden of encouraging discipline among its members, constantly by their own example.

It is so heartening to find that the Central Chinmaya Trust is taking up courageously such noble plans and programmes of intense social activities and service of the Lord. When we are serving the society if we realise that we are serving Him , we need no other Yoga for our inner purification. I have full confidence in everyone of you. Let us strive hard !!

May Parameshwara's Grace be upon you all always.

Let "At it, at once" be the slogan for the Mission workers throughout 1965.

I wish all of you, throughout the country a happy and prosperous New Year of ardent work in love and with dedication.