Guru Poornima

Swami Chinmayananda

"To students of Vedanta, the Guru is the embodiment of their goal. The Guru is nothing but pure Consciousness, absolute Bliss, and eternal Wisdom. Anyone who can elicit a continual feeling of faith and devotion in us is our Guru. If we expect a Guru to transform us to Godhood by a touch, we shall wait in vain.
Self redemption must come ultimately from ourselves. The external props, such as temples, idols and gurus, are all encouragements and aids.They must be intelligently used to help build up inner perfection.

With inner purity, the student comes to be guided more and more by the intellect. In fact, the real guru is the pure intellect within; the purified, deeply aspiring mind is the disciple.

When we come to deserve a master, he shall reach us. Stick to spiritual practices. Be good, be kind, be sincere. Refine the motives by building life upon the enduring values of love, mercy, charity and purity. Through constant remembrance of the Lord rise in spirituality.

Gurus shall from time to time reach such determined and sincere seekers. This is the eternal law."